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December 10, 2018

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Engine 61 Restoration Project

Welcome to the

Engine 61 Restoration Project



Recently members of Local 61 approved a deal that would allow the Charleston Firefighter Support Team to acquire Local 61's 1958 Mack Model B Fire Engine, in order to restore it to it's former glory.  The Support Team, which has recently finished several other restoration projects and has a tradition of naming all of their restoration projects has chosen to name this Engine, and their latest challenge, Engine 61, in honor of our very own Charleston City Professional Firefighters Association - Local 61.  Engine 61 was in service with Local 61 making appearances at parades and other PR events up until the early 2000's, when it was retired, due to the rising maintenance costs.  

We at Local 61 are thrilled to team up with the Charleston Firefighter Support Team on this project and are excited at the chance to not only preserve a piece of our own history but also keep a piece of fire service history alive for us and future generations to enjoy and learn about.  This page has been set up to help track the progress of the Engine 61 Restoration Project and hopefully in the process learn a little bit more about our Local and this unique piece of fire history, we hope you enjoy it and please check back often.




News & Updates:


- On December 14, 2011 Local 61, at Local 61's monthly union meeting, Local 61 members voted on an agreement that would allow 'Engine 61' to be acquired by the Charleston Firefighter Support Team, with the premise that 'Engine 61' would be available for use by Local 61, as needed and that 'Engine 61' would retain the IAFF and Local 61 logos that are presently on it.






Engine 61 sits behind CFD Station 12 awaiting it's facelift.  (12/20/11)


Engine 61 behind CFD Station 12.  (12/20/11)


Engine 61 at the July 4th Parade in 2002, in Moncks Corner, SC.


Engine 61 at the July 4th Parade, in 2002, in Moncks Corner, SC

(Pictured from Left to Right in this photo: Jackie Yow, Roger Yow, Sr., Unknown & Winston Lesesne)






-Did you know that the Mack Truck Company made fire apparatus from 1910 until 1990?

-Mack adopted their famous, Bulldog logo, during World War I, after British soldiers nicknamed the trucks, which the U.K. purchased in order to supply the frontlines, Bulldog Macks, after the U.K.'s national mascot the English Bulldog.  The British were impressed with the trucks tenacity and durability and the blunt-nosed hood of the trucks reminded them of the face of a bulldog.

- The Bulldog logo was first used in 1921 on the AB Chain Drive Models and was made the official logo of the company in 1922. 

- Up until the early 1990s Mack Fire Trucks were the primary fire trucks used by the City of Charleston Fire Department.

- Several members of Local 61 also serve in various roles with the Charleston Firefighter Support Team, including volunteering as drivers for the various fire trucks that the Support Team has already restored.  The trucks participate in parades, weddings, demonstrations and various other community outreach events.






For more information on this exciting project, as well as info on some of the Charleston Firefighter Support Team's other restoration projects, check out the links below:


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Charleston Firefighter Support Team's Facebook Page:



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